Ahhh Valentines’s Day, the build up has been thrust upon us for weeks now. Personally I don’t mind the annual worldwide declaration of love and I’ve pretty much felt the same when either single or attached. There’s too much hate and evil in this world to begrudge one day where we show our beloved just how much they mean to us. Yes, we should be showing our appreciation anyway, but what’s wrong with making an even grander gesture once a year. It’s only ONCE A YEAR!

It got me thinking about my best and worst Valentine’s moments.

My favourite Valentine’s memory was fairly recently. I’ve never been one to trundle off to a restaurant, with 50 other couples and play ‘Who can perform the best PDA’ in an attempt to outdo the couple on the next table. I find a candlelit dinner in a restaurant too predictable, not too mention the biggest cliche going. I much prefer an intimate setting, just the two of us, away from prying eyes. One year I was treated to tealights, dozens of them lit all over the house, a yummy homemade dinner, copious amounts of wine and we danced by candlelight to classics sung by Luther Vandross and Marvin Gay, ¬†amongst others, We stayed up chatting and laughing all night and it was just perfect. Unpretentious, effortless and a night to remember. It’s moments like that, that I treasure deeply. Oh and I forgot to mention the huge bouquet of roses which arrived at work earlier that day.

My worst was years ago, when I was at university. A guy I had no interest in whatsoever turned up on my doorstep (unannounced) – having driven down from London, clutching a bouquet of roses and proceeded to declare his feelings to me. If that was cringeworthy enough, he then produced a cassette player (yeah, we still played cassettes back then) and played a song by R”n’b group, Dru HIll, and dedicated it to me. Now if I’d had an inkling that this may happen, then I certainly wouldn’t have opened my flat door that evening! In the end, I had to grit my teeth (the song in question was ‘Beauty’ *shudder*) and politely, yet firmly tell him, his love was unrequited and that he would have to leave. I hate making anybody feel bad, but I could hardly let him stay, could I?! Needless to say I never heard from him again, which I was quietly thankful for. I do hope he’s not reading this!

Are you doing anything special this Valentine’s Day or are you dreading it? Got a memorable date to share or one you’d rather forget? Spill the beans!

*Post in collaboration with The Circle.


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