Most of the time I enjoy cooking for Cassius, however I occasionally wonder why I bother, when I’ve slaved over the cooker only for my food to be rejected, or worse, cause tears.

Having a healthy meal in the freezer is a godsend on those days when you get back late from a day out,  an after-school club, you’ve picked the kids up after work and got home late, or the baby won’t let you put him down for long enough to prepare a meal.  Kiddyum frozen meals are designed for exactly these occasions. They are low in salt, contain no added sugar or preservatives and all contain some vegetables.




Aimed at one to four year olds, the meal choices consist of cheesy peasy pasta, cottage pie, chicken curry & rice, macaroni bolognese and fish & veg pie (all £2.20)

Now we all know how fussy toddlers can be, and my son is no exception! He point blank refused to eat any of the meals I offered him, spread out over a three week period, bar a few mouthfuls of the fish pie. I tasted them them myself, and taste-wise they’re quite bland in comparison to my home cooking, which Cass is used to. I think I may have had more success feeding him these when he was younger, but he’s been exposed to a lot of spices and flavours in his food over the past year (he turns two on Monday) and it’s clear he’s not prepared to compromise his tastebuds.

With that said, don’t let my little one’s defiant refusal to eat them, make you dismiss Kiddyum next time you’re out doing the food shop. Their frozen meals for kids are on sale now in selected Sainsbury’s stores and online at


Disclaimer: I was sent these Kiddyum frozen meals to review and received no other payment for this post. 


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