Review: H2O Plus Sea Salt Skin Smoother

Being wrapped up in extra layers all day, as well as having the central heating on for prolonged periods of time, means I’m taking extra care to stop my skin from dehydrated in this weather and I don’t focus all my attention on my face.

I love a good body scrub and one that I’ve been using a lot lately has been the H2O Plus Sea Salt Skin Smoother. H20 Plus launched in the UK in 2012 and has a devoted following overseas and I can see why.

It’s great for awakening your senses as the menthol/minty/green tea-esque scent is enhanced from the steam during a hot shower. If you like products which really give you that spa at home experience, then this ticks all the boxes. It sloughs away dull skin, and the scrubs purifying sea salt provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation and contains almond oil which is quickly absorbed by the skin to soothe and soften. I like to use it on my elbows, legs and bottom in particular

It also contains moisture-rich botanicals such as sea lettuce and sea fennel which provides oil free hydration for smooth and radiant looking skin. As with most body scrubs, it can get a little messy to use, just make sure you rinse away all the product thoroughly as scrubs have a habit of ending up in missed crevices! It comes in a robust hard plastic tub with a screw top and contains 680g of product, so you get a decent amount – just as well as it’s not the cheapest product of its kind on the market.

My partner, who suffers from eczema has also found this to be excellent for removing any dry patches of skin which surface, without causing further irritation. How do I know? I found the lid discarded in the shower, one evening last week! Why is it when men “borrow” our beauty products, they rarely bother to even try and hide it?!

Where can I buy it? Marks and Spencers
How much is it? £20 (

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