The ghd air…ahh it sounds like a new theme park ride, huh? Well, this hairdryer has the capacity to blow you away (see what I did there? Ha!).
The sleek, limited edition rose gold design is easy on the eye and looks sleek and stylish. Lightweight and easy to handle for both left and right-handers, due to its ergonomic design, don’t be fooled into thinking it lacks power as its 2.1000W strength motor and high-pressure air flow means hair dries pretty quickly.













I like the fact that it dries hair without hits motor sounding like a washing machine on fast spin! When I usually blow dry my hair, I haven’t a chance in hell of hearing my name being called but the noise level from this is surprisingly tolerable.

It has two temperature and power controls and also comes with a cool shot button which lets you blast your tresses with a blast of cool air to help hold styles in place once you’ve added finishing products.
My only gripe and given my hair type (afro), meant it was quite a big one, was the lack of a comb attachment to blow dry and stretch my hair quickly. Instead I had to use a barrel brush which lengthened the process and resulted in me grabbing my usual dryer to finish the job. ghd would do well to release a comb attachment as an accessory as a huge hair group has been overlooked as a result of this missing component, which is such a shame.For those who use hair diffusers, you’ll be pleased to know that the ghd air is compatible with the ghd air diffuser. It also comes with two different sized nozzles, which help you tailor your blow-dry and has a useful 3m long power cable giving you plenty of flexibility when handling it.

Priced at £99, it’s not cheap, but has proved to be incredibly popular since its launch. The ghd air is available online. In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a comb attachment to be released for use with this soon.



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