If like me, you’re always browsing the shelves for something new to try in the shower, then you’ll love the latest launch from Radox.

Introducing 12 hr Scent Body Wash, which promises to linger on the skin for up to 12 hrs! How so?  Well they contain unique, first-to-market mood transforming fragrance pearls that last long after you’ve dried off. Radox have adapted the technology from laundry products to create this product, which encapsulates the fragrance within Scent Touch, which is transferred to your skin as you wash. Once dry these delicate beads last up to 12 hours on the skin, releasing their scent when touched. Who knew shower gel could be so technical?!

There have been days when I’ve showered and have been in such a rush to get out of of the door with Cassius, that I’ve forgotten to use my perfume. Although I know I don’t pong, I’m still conscious that I don’t have any perfume on.

Feel Free – My favourite scent

They come in a trio of scents which tickle your senses. Feel Lively is a wild peony and lychee mix, Feel Free is a scrumptious blend of matcha green tea and coconut water (and my fave!) and finally Feel Fresh combines arctic blueberry and patchouli. They provide a rich, creamy lather with aromas to match, which leave both you and your bathroom smelling lovely.

Any excuse to  feature Cassius’ bath foam letters in a blog post!!

I made a point of going a week without perfume to see if the shower gels could really be smelt on my skin, providing a fresh aroma. After running errands, I arrived home and had a whiff and indeed I could still smell Feel Free (the green one) on my arm. I felt at ease knowing I still smelt nice without my usual EDP of choice as the scent of most shower gels last half an hour if you’re lucky. After a full 12 hours, the scent wasn’t as strong but I could still lightly pick it up, so I was pretty impressed by that.

If you spot these on your travels, make a point of popping one in your basket. You won’t regret it.

Where can I buy them from? Superdrug, Boots, leading supermarkets
How much are they? £3




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