It’s been a busy few weeks and I had every intention of getting this post live at the time the collection was actually available, but then I was caught out with no internet connection for a few weeks and that royally f**ked up everything!

Anyway, I’m back and still loving my latest beauty buys, so thought I’d do a quick write up and share. Taraji P. Henson has been around for a hot minute and has come a long way. From her memorable role in iconic black comdy, Baby Boy to her most recent in the musical drama dynasty, Empire, as audience fave Cookie, there’s no stopping her at the moment as her showbiz profile and acting career soars – and quite rightly so! There are few celebrities I actually give a damn about to be honest, but I feel genuine warmth and happiness for Taraji’s success. It’s been a long time coming and is well deserved.

Not one to miss a beat, M.A.C caught onto Taraji’s increasing popularity and were quick to collaborate, launching the #MACTaraji collection which landed in stores early last month.


My reaction upon hearing about  M.A.C’s collection with Taraji.

A small, capsule collection,  MAC Taraji comprised of the following:

  • Strip Me Down: A neutral lipstick
  • Taraji Glow: A reddish brown bronzer
  • Highlight the Truth: A highlighter with a coral tone and a gold shimmer
  • Penultimate Eye Liner: A liquid black eyeliner
  • Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash: Mascara, obviously.



mac-taraji mac-taraji

When my little haul arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. The first thing I noticed is that the packaging of the Mineralize Skinfinishes has changed. I had a proper “Ooooh” moment, when I saw the boxes. I don’t know when this occurred, but it’s been a hell of a while since I purchased a Mineralise Skinfinish. I couldn’t help but notice the amount of product is now smaller, but hey ho!



Taraji Glow was what I was hell bent on getting my hands on, and it didn’t disappoint. A rich, reddish brown bronzer, this beauty is so densely pigmented, you need a gentle hand when picking it up on your brush. It was actually described as having “medium coverage”, but doesn’t, it’s full on!  Luckily it blends really well and looks amazing on medium, deep and dark skin tones. Those with light skin tones may find this to too warm for their commplexions. I don’t have a shade like this in my personal collection, so I’m really pleased to be able to add it tomy exisiting bronzers – though I can easily carry this off as a blush too. It’s worth every penny and if you manage to track one down, get it!


Highlight The Truth is a coral pink highlight with gold shimmer. I prefer to wear this on top of blush as opposed to on its own. It emits a soft glow ‘from within’, which compliments my skin tone. It looks fab when applied to the bridge of your nose too. It’s gives a subtle highlight which is buildable, not as intense as the ABH highlighters, but if you’re looking for something easy to wear every day, then this is a nice option. Paired with Taraji Glow, it looks beautiful!


I love my nude lipsticks. I have way too many, but they’re so easy to wear for a fuss-free look when I don’t want to wear bare lips. Strip Me Down is a deep peachy nude. Most (if not all) of my nudes are pink or brown toned, so this was a new experience for me. I like the shade, but it definitely looks teamed with lip liner. My lips look a bit washed out when its worn just on its own. Gorgeous shade though, so I’m pleased I ordered it.


My only complaint is that I wish the packaging had been a bit snazzier rather than it be in the standard black offering. C’mon man! This is Taraji – put some respeck on her name! 😉

Did you pick up anything from M.A.C Taraji?


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