During winter, keeping warm is at the forefront of my mind. Leaving the central heating on for hours on end can be costly, but living in a flat which can get cold very quickly during the colder months, it’s an expense I’ve had no choice but to endure – that was until I experienced electric central heating.

For those of you, who are looking for a cost-effective way to keep your home warm, then electric central heaters are an energy-efficient alternative to the classic central heating systems.  Traditional central heating systems are limited by using a single thermostat in a central location. The entire heating system will switch on or off based on the temperature reading in that central location. If your boiler breaks, then you’re in trouble – and will ultimately be left feeling pretty cold! I like having the option being able to choose which room I want to heat and for how long.


Electric radiators direct are confident that they sell the very best electric heating products on the market – from radiators to towel rails. As well as being energy efficient, they also allow you to cut down on significantly on your energy usage by allowing you to use 24/7 programming, so you can heat your home to suit your lifestyle. Programme your heater to come on just before you’re due to arrive home. I find this particularly useful when I’m collecting my son from nursery. Electric radiators are also easy to maintain and cheap to install and you even have the choice to choose a design which compliments your home interior too. Opt for a  sleek, ultra-slim lightweight design or if you’d prefer, stick with a traditional style radiator. The choice is yours.

Banish memories of leaky radiators and faulty boilers this winter by exploring this alternative way of heating your home, saving yourself money in the process too.


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