Just the other day I was joking with my Mum about how Cassius will probably end up being a mini-gamer. For the past year, he’s been well and truly obsessed with my phone (he loves watching videos of himself). He’s still too young to be playing games, but when the time comes, at least I now have a website in mind for him to visit.

Poki is a child-friendly gaming portal with more games than I can possibly count on it – there are thousands!  The games fall into numerous categories including racing, sports, action, girl, movie, adventure, board, thinking, skill, and mmo (massively multiplayer online). Then, the categories have sub-categories! It has a reach of 2.5 million gamers a month!

The site is supported by ads, therefore the games are all free to play!  Not only are the games free, they don’t require any sort of login. I love that! You just go to the site and play. No annoying account registrations or email confirmations to click on.


Their latest games is Color Switch, a simple one button game, which tests your reflexes and is highly addictive. Think of Flappy Bird hurtling though moving coloured circles, as they line up and you’re halfway there. Better still, have a go (cos I’m rubbish at explaining) and I guarantee you’ll still be trying to better your best score after 10 mins!

poki color switch

poki color switch 2

Now I’m not a gamer by any means, but I’ve actually spent a good half an hour browsing games on Poki, and there are plenty of games that us adults can play too. There’s something for everyone.

I think Poki is a great resource to bookmark. It’s a site that’s easy to navigate, contains a huge variety of all sorts of games, and requires no login.
It also goes without saying that children should be supervised whilst they’re online.


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