Who doesn’t appreciate the benefits of a good face mask? A step up from your serum and face cream, a face mask seals in much needed moisture while giving the skin some much-needed TLC. I add masks to my skincare routine when I feel it needs a bit of a boost and is looking lacklustre. I’ve used a few lately and here are my thoughts on them.

SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask- £1.59
This mask replenishes drab and rough skin with ingredients intended for beautiful and smooth skin. Coconut water with moisturising effects, paper mulberry, mulberry bark extract, and brightening ingredient niacinamide make skin translucent. I applied it after toning and moisturising and left it on for 15-20 mins and then removed it. I found it very ‘wet’ which I found a little off-putting . My face was dripping with product. My face felt hydrated afterwards but I didn’t like the excess wetness. As for the whitening/brightening claims – I didn’t notice any immediate difference. My mask didn’t look like a panda’s face either, the ‘eyes’ had the slightest hue of grey around them, so don’t get too caught up by the novelty reference.

Eve Lom Moisture Mask – £55
This is ideal for skin exposed to extreme temperatures, weather conditions and travel. You can apply this leave-on treatment at the start of a flight to help prevent skin dehydration. After cleansing, I apply a generous amount to my face and neck. After 15 mins, I remove what’s left with a tissue. There’s no need to rinse it off. For the price, I expected a luxurious experience and I wasn’t left disappointed. Maybe one to treat Mum to on Mother’s Day if you have the spare change.

Superdrug Anti-Ageing Moisture Mask – 99p
If you’re on a budget then you can’t go wrong with this offering from high street chemist Superdrug. Specially formulated with pseudo collagen this mask locks in moisture and boost hydration levels to leave skin firmer and more radiant. This did a great job of leaving my skin feeling refreshed and rehydrated. I was very impressed with the results, given the price I paid.

Maskorea Too Many Late Nights Mask – £7.99
A great UK brand, created by two friends and inspired by a traditional South Korean 12-step skin care routine, Maskorea have cut it down and created a convenient three step treatment of pre-mask cleanser, serum-infused sheet mask and post-mask anti-ageing night cream. I tried the Too Many Late Nights mask for tired and dehydrated skin. Containing kiwi extract, lemon extract and Vitamin C, after I’d used the cleanser, I applied the serum-infused mask for half an hour and then anti-aging collagen night cream, which was quite thick. Next morning, my skin was soft and awakened. I really like this mask and the fact you get a whole regime in a packet!

Maskeraide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – £5
This multi-action Sheet mask that helps to prevent and combat the signs of aging while nourishing your skin. It provides deep hydration and delivers a healthy dose of age-defying ingredients including natural Ylang-Ylang Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin to help diminish fine lines and bring out your youthful glow. Once removed, I decided to gently rinse the excess off and pat it my skin try with a towel. It did the job, and I had a smooth and hydrated face the next morning. 

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask – £19.99
Thyaluronic acid-infused facial sheet mask uses a breakthrough next-generation 3D timed release of hyaluronic acid, hydrating your skin from beneath the surface for 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention.I didn’t like how it dried out instead of staying moist like the other sheet masks I used, but I can take solace from the fact that my skin had clearly absorbed the serum and I only had a small quantity left on my skin to massage in, upon removal of the mask. The next day, my skin still felt very supple when it was time to remove my make up. Dry patches I had on my chin, had disappeared and felt smooth to touch.

TRUE NORTH De-Stressed Mask 6.1 – £59
To be used whenever skin feels dry, dull or stressed. I loved this velvety rich gel mask. Containing allantoin (to heal and soothe), peptides, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A & E, its cooling and calming properties left my skin feeling deeply moisturised after I left it to work its magic on my face. Although it says to leave it on for 10 mins, I’ve found that my skin benefits when I left it on a little longer and that works well for me. I then tissue off what’s left over.  This is great if your skin has been through the mill lately and needs a mega-boost to restore it back to its former glory. I can feel the change in my skin instantly.


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