I always loved home economic classes at school and have fond memories of baking scones, cakes and bread, emerging from class with flour on my shoes and proudly taking my freshly baked treats home. I haven’t baked again since leaving school – not intentionally, I just never got around to it! I’d watch my Mum bake (she completed a bakery course when I was in my early teens), but I never got stuck in myself – until now.

Since having Cassius, it got me thinking, I want to make a mess in the kitchen with him on a lazy Sunday afternoon and bake cupcakes together – even have a crack at making him a birthday cake. So I’ve bought a couple of baking cookbooks and have tentatively begun.

I’m all for making life as easy as possible, so set about buying the necessary utensils and tools for my new ad-hoc baking career. Along came to the rescue who sent me the Swan Retro Food Mixer to try.

I love the cool, pale blue shade I chose, it gives the kitchen a nice pop of colour (also available in mint green and cream) and compliments its vintage design. It also comes with two whisks and a dough mixer. The 600W motor is powerful enough for your baking needs and whips mixtures up to a perfect blend in seconds.

swan food mixer 0

Whilst I’m getting stressed with measuring ingredients, the last thing I need is to get wound up by electronic settings and fiddly buttons, so I was really pleased to see just how simple it was to use the Swan Retro Food Mixer. Seriously, it’s impossible to get it wrong – add your mixture to the 4.2 litre bowl, clip on your whisk of choice and turn the knob! That’s it. Seriously!

swan retro food mixer 7
The bowl is easy to remove and click back into place and the suction pads on the bottom of the mixer prove useful in keeping your appliance firmly to your worktop, instead of it jittering due to the power of the motor. It’s not too noisy either, which is great!

swan food mixer 12

The additional whisk and dough mixer.

swan retro food mixer 6

swan retro food mixer 2

Oh and here’s a banana loaf I baked earlier. Voila! Move over Mary Berry!

banana loaf

The Swan Retro Food Mixer is part of the Swan Retro range and available from, currently priced £99



*This appliance was sent to me for review purposes.





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