I don’t think a day goes by, when I don’t see something related to a blogging workspace somewhere on social media. Pretty desk set-ups on Pinterest, with matching laptops and rose gold paper clips on Instagram…you know the cliches. Not forgetting a dinky vase of flowers somewhere, oh and a Jo Malone candle! The reality for many, myself included is that I blog on my bed – or my sofa. I’ll even position myself, legs stretched out on the carpet! When I have my ideal blogging space set up, one thing I’ll make sure I have is a suitable chair to sit on, as I know about back pain all too well.

Did you know that over 70% of people say that sitting in their office chair, gives them backache?

In my last job, particularly when I was pregnant, my back started to suffer. I had an executive office chair, which I wasn’t using to its full potential. I had my workstation assessed and it was adjusted according to my requirements. It sounds far fetched, but I suffered from SPD during my pregnancy, which made sitting still for long periods of time extremely painful. I also suffered from lower back pain as many pregnant women do. I needed to be as comfortable as possible as I had huge pressure pushing down on my pelvis, but it did the trick and being seated for hours became manageable.

My old workplace – they don’t mess around when it comes providing you with the best office chairs!

Furniture at Work carried out research amongst 750 office workers and their findings can be viewed below.


Those who work in office environments, spend so much time at their desks, it’s important to be seated properly to prevent any future back problems.


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